Range Rules & Regulations

1. Daily hours of operation are from 8AM to Dusk (7 days a week).

2. Range is closed the 3rd Sunday of every month from 8AM to 4PM for monthly trap shoots. All club functions take priority over all ranges.

3. The Rifle Range is private property of Leesport Gun Club and is for use by MEMBERS ONLY. Leesport Gun Club assumes NO RESPONSIBILITY for injurys or damage due from misuse.

4. Eye and ear protection should be worn at all times.

5. PAPER Targets only. No cans, bottles, etc.

6. Do not fasten targets to the posts, cables, or target frames at anytime.

7. Positively no rapid firing and NO FULLY AUTOMATIC WEAPONS allowed.

8. No armor piercing steel jacketed or other none lead ammunition allowed.

9. No alcoholic Beverages allowed on range.

10. All firing shall be from bench areas only.

11. All actions must be open when anyone is down range.

12. Members are expected to be cooperative with each other and work together when fastening or checking targets.

13. No patterning shotguns on backboards.

14. Membership cards must be shown upon request.

15. At the completion of shooting, all targets are to be removed along with all other litter and placed in the trash receptacles.

16. Any violations of the rules or destruction of property will result in disciplinary action by the committee.

17. Trespassers and vandals will be prosecuted.